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6 Signs That You Need to Upgrade to VPS Hosting

Over the past 10 years, the Internet has exploded as a source for business revenue and nonprofit donations. Businesses that operate eCommerce websites must consider web hosts that offer VPS or dedicated web hosting packages. Shared web hosts do not offer the features required to keep online stores running flawlessly. Opening an online store is [...]

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Is VPS Hosting More Secure Than Shared Hosting?

According to Symantec, more than 75% of websites have some type of vulnerability to cyber attacks. In 2015, just over one million people experienced a cyber attack each day. One reason stands out for flawed online security: cyberspace criminals take advantage of website administrators that do not adequately secure customer websites. A growing army of [...]

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What’s The Difference Between a Host and a Server?

The difference between a host and a server in the restaurant industry is easy to see by simply watching how a host and a server interact with customers. However, it is not as easy to distinguish the difference between a host and server in the computing world. In fact, many computer novices interchange the definitions [...]

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VPS vs Dedicated Servers: Which is Better?

VPS vs Dedicated There was a time when there was no question which type of hosting was better: dedicated servers were king and everything else was a pretender to the throne. But with improvements in virtualization software, VPS servers have become as good (some may say better) than their dedicated counterparts. If you or your [...]

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HostNine Coupon

HostNine Coupon Codes for December 2017 When it comes to web hosting companies, Hostnine is one of the young kids. They are just starting to build a name for themselves in the competitive web hosting industry. We've created a summary of all the best, up-to-date Hostnine coupon codes which can be used to get some [...]

Best Cheap VPS Hosting

Best Cheap VPS Hosting December 2016 VPS networks offer a level of performance and security that you just can't find on a shared server. But the added performance can be expensive! The following hosting companies offer VPS plans on budget friendly terms. But cost isn't everything. If your website starts getting lots and lots traffic, [...]

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