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GoDaddy Promo Codes Updated for January 2018

Welcome to our collection of GoDaddy coupon codes! We test these codes each week so that the codes are working and valid. For your convenience we have also created different sections based on what kind of product you are looking for a discount on.

Instructions: For each coupon below, click on the button to reveal the promo code. A new window will appear that will take you to GoDaddy’s website. Select the product or products that you want to buy, and then once you enter GoDaddy’s online shopping cart, enter the revealed code. Click “Apply” and the discount will take effect. Enjoy!

Best GoDaddy Promo Codes Right Now:

  • $0.99 .COM Domain Name Promo Code!

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    Use this coupon code to register a .COM domain name for just $0.99. This is over 90% off the regular price of a Godaddy domain name registration. This is for new domain registrations only.
  • GoDaddy Web Hosting For Just $1/month:

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    Use this promo code when you purchase your web hosting package with GoDaddy and you’ll pay just $1/month for Economy hosting. The coupon code will also save you 30% off Deluxe hosting, and 35% off Deluxe hosting.
  • Save 50% Off All Shared Hosting Packages:

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    Use this coupon code to save 50% off all of Godaddy’s hosting plans. This applies to all 3 shared hosting packages: economy (the cheapest), deluxe, and ultimate.
  • Site-Wide Coupon: Save 35% Off All New GoDaddy Products: Domains, Web Hosting, SSL Certificates and More!

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    This is a site-wide promo code that gives you the most savings overall. Use it to save 35% off your order of new GoDaddy products. The only exceptions where this coupon doesn’t work is for renewals and gift cards.
  • 34% Off Site-Wide Promo Code:

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    Save 34% off your GoDaddy purchases when you use this coupon code.
  • Save 30% Off All New Products:

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    This coupon code will save you 30% off all new products. This includes domain names, website hosting, SSL certificates, website builders and VPS hosting plans. If you are planning to purchase multiple items, this is the best coupon overall. And remember to lock in your savings for multiple years. That way you’ll get 30% off for multiple years instead of just the first 12 months.

Best Promo Codes for Hosting Plans:


A Snapshot of GoDaddy’s Shared Hosting Plans.

check out our GoDaddy VPS page.

  • Get The GoDaddy Economy Hosting Plan for 50% Off, Plus Get 1-Month Free:

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    Get GoDaddy’s Economy Hosting plan for 50% off the regular price. On top of that, they will give you the equivalent one one month of web hosting for free!
  • Save 30% Off New Products:

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    Use this promo code to save 30% off all new products at GoDaddy. This is a great catch-all promo code if you are ordering multiple products all at once.
  • Save 30% Off Microsoft Office 365:

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    Use this promo code to save 30% off Microsoft Office 365 Products: Email, Microsoft OneDrive, Calendar Sync, and Office Online.

GoDaddy’s Domain Promo Codes:

godaddy com domain coupon codes

.COM’s are the most popular type of domain name in the world.

This list of codes is for discounts on specific domain names. Whether you’re looking for a .COM, .ORG or most other types of domains, you’ll find a code here. If there isn’t a specific promo code for the domain you want, then you can still save 30% with one of the all-purpose promo codes that we have listed at the top.

  • .NET Promo Code: $8.99/Year:

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    This promo code will enable you to register new .NET domain names for $8.99. The code also works for .COM domain names (at the same price).
  • Register a .CLUB Domain Name and Get a 2nd Year for Free:

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    When you register a .CLUB domain name, you can get the second year for free (a $14.99 value) when you enter this promo code.
  • Register a .CA Domain for just $4.99:

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    Register a .CA domain name for $4.99 (regular price: $17.99). The Canada region-specific domain name requires that you have a registered Canadian address or representative who is currently living in Canada.
  • Get a .ASIA Domain for $7.99:

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    Register a .ASIA domain name for just $7.99/year (regular price $21.49). Keep in mind that .ASIA is a region-specific TLD, so you also need to either have an address in Asia or a representative currently living there.

If you’re an existing customer, be sure to check out our GoDaddy renewal promo codes here.

Godaddy Resources:

godaddy promo code- coupons

If you are looking to get set up with a domain name, web hosting, email, or other online services then this is a great place to get started. Have a look through the different packages and hosting offered by GoDaddy and find what best suits your needs. If you think you need help deciding, you can always get in touch with their sales team.

You can follow GoDaddy on Facebook here:
The Facebook page has lots of promotions and contests, as well as articles and tutorials for small business owners who are looking to take their business online or who have already done so. They also feature profiles on small businesses that use their services.

They also have a Twitter acccount here:
Different content from their Facebook page, most of it still geared towards small business owners looking to set up or improve their online business, as well as some silly content for entertainment.

GoDaddy’s Wikipedia Page: – Covers a brief history of the company, awards they have won, their sports sponsorships, and some of the controversies the company has been involved with over their commercials and founder Bob Parsons.

Blake’s Blog,from the current GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving. Before taking over as CEO for Bob Parsons, Blake had worked for both Microsoft and Yahoo after starting his career at Xerox in 1981. On his blog he shares the lessons that he has learned from working in the tech industry for nearly 40 years.

GoDaddy Blog, similar to their Facebook and Twitter feeds, the blog covers articles and content targeted towards small business owners. Topics range from marketing to financing to profiles on small businesses and their owners.

About GoDaddy

It’s unlikely that you have never heard of this company before, they are one of the biggest domain name registrars in the world and are also famous for their outlandish and often controversial commercials that they typically premiere during the Super Bowl. The company was founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons, who had already made a name for himself in the tech world by selling his financial software services company to Intuit in 1994 for a very tidy profit. But, he wasn’t enjoying early retirement and decided to start another company: a technologies company that would come to be known as GoDaddy. Despite domain name registration being their main service offered these days, initially they didn’t do domain name registrations at all because until 2001 Network Solutions was the only company allowed to do so. Once the market was opened up to other companies, GoDaddy quickly became one of the heavy hitters along with Dotster and eNom. As of today they are the worlds largest domain registrar, and about four times the size of their nearest competitor.

In 2015 GoDaddy acquired grid hosting provider Media Temple, although they have continued to operate as a separate company from GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Customer Reviews:

A few reviews on GoDaddy’s services from around the web. It’s always a good idea to do your research on a company before you sign up, but remember to read everything with a critical eye. Most people only post a review when they are unhappy with a service, and usually this stems from them not understanding what is and isn’t included. For example, for the most part no web hosting service will help you build or troubleshoot a WordPress site, that’s not in their scope of service. If you have questions about what is and isn’t included, you can always contact a sales rep before purchasing!

“Live domain help — I purchased a lot of products a while ago but never used them because was not too savvy on how to use them. It came time to renew them and I called to discuss the why I needed them, and the agent walked me through all of my products VERY PATIENTLY and helped me keep only the ones that would REALLY help me optimize my goals. He saved me a lot of money and explained the value of each product he felt I could use and identified the ones I didn’t need. He also showed me a trick on how to renew for a fraction of what I would have paid had I not reached out to him. VERY happy and grateful he listened to my needs and was patient with this 62 year old lady that didn’t have a clue.”

– Leslie on, February 4, 2017

“All my blogs and sites domains are hosted with GoDaddy windows economy shared hosting. Till now I have not faced any big issues. 99% Uptime guarantee, 24/7 customer service available and great technical support.”

– Charan K. on, December 7, 2016

“Some background: I’m not a webmaster who is in charge of 20 websites nor am I making a living through setting up web hosting, installing WP, designing websites, etc. I am someone that started looking for a web hosting company to build a site for myself to host my photography portfolio.

1. Value – amazing. As everyone probably knows already, GoDaddy has the cheapest for everything most of the time. I signed up my Economy web hosting through an affiliate link and it only costed me $1/mo. for the first year! You will not find anything for this price for the features.

2. Uptime – 99.9%, which is today’s industry standard. I’ve heard some bad things about GoDaddy’s uptime when I was researching and before I signed up. But from my own personal experience, I have not had any downtimes at all. None (I use Pingdom to track my site’s uptime). Downtime differs from server to server. But I’ve not experienced any downtime. Maybe I’m just lucky.

3. Features – eh… GoDaddy uses “cPanel” – in other words, their own customized version of cPanel. If this is your first time signing up for hosting, I do not think you’ll care since you will get used to it pretty quickly. I did try the standard cPanel but I find that I actually liked GoDaddy’s version much better. It looks much organized to me and easier to find things.

4. Support – this is the one area where GoDaddy fell short of my expectations. They representatives do not seem to know much about web hosting. As a newbie, I learned most, if not all, about hosting, WP, SQL databases, etc. from Google or YouTube. ( note: a web hosting provider would not really be able to teach you about how to use third party software even if they make it available on their platform, it’s just not in their scope of service. However as mentioned above just a quick Google search will bring up tons of useful resources!)

I have not tried out their other services like SSL certificates or reseller hosting.”

– Zi Yang Lai on, January 19, 2015

GoDaddy Discount Domain Club

A couple of years ago GoDaddy stopped offering coupon codes on domain renewals (for the most part, it seems that some coupon codes will still work, while others do not). If you are a new customer renewing a new domain, then you can still take advantage of many coupon codes, and if you register your domain for multiple years you can really save a lot. But what to do if you are renewing? Well, if you just have one or two domains then you might be out of luck but not that much money if you are paying regular price for a domain. As I mentioned above, sometimes the general coupons for 25 to 30% off will apply to domain renewals, sometimes they won’t and I can’t quite seem to find a pattern behind it.

If you have several domains registered under your account, then you may want to look into joining GoDaddy’s discount domain club. With that you pay a monthly fee of around $15.00, but it will give you savings of up to 60% off your domains. And here’s another trick, when you join the discount domain club it’s a new product that you are purchasing so you can use any of the new product coupon codes above (the most recent ones will be at the top of the lists) to get a discount on joining the discount domain club. The longer of a term you purchase up front, the more money you will save. So look at how many domains you have, do some math, and see if you will be saving enough to justify joining the club. You can view the full list of discounts on domains here.

A nice feature of the discount domain club is that it gives you access to Cash Parking Premium for free, which usually runs around $17-$20 a year. With this service, if you have domains that you are not using anymore you can get GoDaddy to advertise and sell them for you rather than just letting them expire. Nice to make a little cash without having to do very much! You also get a free membership to the GoDaddy auctions, where you can pick up new domains that aren’t available for general registration.

GoDaddy chats with a Facebook Marketing expert:

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